Might as well sharpen up the wallet and get it ready for dispensing cash.  I discovered during yesterday’s 90 degree weather that the a/c, while working, wasn’t doing much.  Coolish but not cold air coming out of the registers.  Nothing to do but call the a/c men which I did.  $69.00 just for coming out and seeing what the matter is and what ever $$$$$$ for what’s wrong and you know there is something wrong. SIGH.  My son over the mountains has 2 units as he has a big home.  He just paid $6000.00 for the new upstairs unit.  $1500.00 back for whatever that incentive is called. Better than nothing but that was a whallop of an expense.  They asked me to just run the fan till they got here in case it was frozen over.  This would give it time to melt if that was the case.  They’ll be here 1130 or so. (I need to get dressed and get a face on).

Here is one thing that made my evening at the party I mentioned yesterday all that more enjoyable.  It’s not what you expect me to say probably as I am known generally as a good ol’ girl.  My career never had me exercising more than basic good manners although I know and learned such things well.  Just I never have much of a chance to use that knowledge as it makes folks want to smack me upside the head and call me pretentious.  However at the  party I  attended I have not had the pleasure of seeing and experiencing such impeccable good manners in a long time.  Now, you all encouraged me yesterday to just say what I want so in this instance, once more, I am. 

The hosts were delightful from the first second I stepped to the door and it opened to me to the last when I left, and as I said, their manners were impeccable and delightful.  The most gracious hosts I have had the pleasure of knowing.  So were the guests gracious and a pleasure to be around.  This good ol’ girl needed a break and I got one.

This isn’t getting my face on.

Here are the poor daffodils that were mowed down.  I didn’t try to make the picture better.