Turned out the a/c was low on refrigerant.  About $125.00 or so with the service call added. I will say it was due as the unit is 14 years old.  I didn’t realize it was that old.  Thought it was 12.  Trying to find out when the government incentive ends.  I may get a new unit.  Trane is offering 1000.00 off as well, however I don’t know the details.  Probably on a huge unit.  Mine is only 2 ton.

I have the bathroom, tubby and surround, sink etc sparkling.  I LOVE seeing a clean room.  Hit the high spots in the rest of the house.  Saving the wooden floor cleaning for this weekend.  I want to get out and enjoy the rest of the day.

Here is an observation about those Thera Shoes.  I love them.  They are THE single most comfortable shoe I ever had on my foot.  But.  My calves started to hurt in the night..and it’s absolutely due to those shoes.  No doubt whatsoever.  I won’t make a Dr. appt. because I know without a doubt what it is.  I am going to take a rest from them for a few days and then do as Carol Dee said..not every day– all day. 

Consumer Reports doesn’t believe in them at all they said this past issue.  However, they are taking issue with the claims of fitness.  I have to agree there.  They said the shoes works only on your ankles really.    I agree.  If they really were able to make you fit, there wouldn’t be a pair left in the Country, the doctors would be talking about them,  and there’d be rioting in the street till they got more.     BUT they are comfortable and nothing wrong with having strong ankles—nes pas?

OK.  It’s close to 10..let’s get the face on..hair done (I had such a super hair day every day for three in a ROW!!! The planets must have all come together!) Let’s see if this might be day 4!