Man, I have to get crackin’.  I have a buncha stuff to get done. And here I sit!  The little Boss got me up at 0633.  Her clock is the sun.  In the Winter, she makes that 0730 or thereabouts.

Yet, after feeding her, here I sit.  I have been going over my various accounts email and otherwise. 

I got inspired by Paul regarding pictures in Live Writer.  Had I ever paid attention I would have seen that feature myself.  But as long as I know, now I can try a few things too.  Thanks Paul.

A birthday cake will be made tomorrow for a birthday celebration here on Saturday.  The oldest will have a birthday and hopefully they youngest can make it over after work while the middle one will still be in NC of course. 

I called the person who mowed over my daffodils (I know it was an accident no matter what he used for an excuse..he simply didn’t see the leaves in the grass) and he hasn’t returned my call.  As it was an accident and I know he won’t do that again, I was willing to call for another mow date.  But, as he hasn’t returned my call (I will leave one more message in an hour, I can only assume he didn’t like me noticing his mistake and has quit me.  Today will tell me, I would say.  I saved the ads to find another mower. When you can’t do it’re in that sort of situation where it is always touch and go.

Did I tell you that when I went to Kroger’s yesterday they had many tomato plants for sale all with many flowers and some with tiny tomatoes already?? And me with just 2 flowers!!! Geesh.

OK.  This isn’t getting the morning chores done, her medicated or me dressed.   It’s 0743.  Bye.