Now that was quite an outage yesterday on Spaces and it seemed to have covered a good part of the Country.  Certainly the South East and some of the Midwest.  Gees Marie.  That was awful, not that I get a lot of business here on my Space. 

The tomato plant said to pass on a message..that it has at least 2 more flowers that formed in 24 hours.  I have a grand total of 4 for certain and one that I’m not sure if it is rotten or not, so tentatively, five.  Bring on the bacon and mayo…oh, and lettuce.  Well, bread too.

Someone furry with 4 legs here will be sad in a few weeks and punish me greatly when I get back, but I am going to go to Reed Gold Mine to pan for gold.  I’m aiming for a jackpot of course and if I get enough gold we’ll all go on a cruise.   (yuppers!)

Thank goodness for FB yesterday as I was able to find out that a great many of our blog family had the same problem..unable to get into Spaces.  Man, what’s next??

I got mulch spread yesterday and the day before.  The mowing guy finally called close to 8 last night.  He’s got to be busy.  I need to get ready as he’ll be here from, like, now on.  Thing is, it’s going to rain for several days and my yard mostly consists of weeds so they’ll grow like..well, like weeds right after he eaves.  Can’t win.

OK.  Wash face and get on with it all..hope to gosh I get to see you in a while if MSN Spaces is still up.