Here it is Sunday, fixing to be Monday and time slips on by like the proverbial "thief in the night".  You turn around and that time you were thinking of is gone with a new day dawning.  There’s never a void..always activity and moving forward.

It’s one of those days that remind me of a pearl’s iridescence  insofar as the ambient light is  looking outside today  Very light without the "bright", and with the sky looking like crushed opals  that were swirled  into milk and splashed out onto blue silk.  Perfect for outdoor photography. 

I’m waiting for my hair to set with hot rollers in it so I’m not moving anywhere just now.  Maybe later I will take the camera out hoping for a landscape this time.

It is as quiet as can one stirring at all.  No one stirring in here either as the Boss retired to under one of the beds for a refreshing and energizing nap! 

Just checking and and I’ve been by a few blog houses.