Someone who is mean spirited wrote a mean note a few blogs ago about my poor cat who isn’t hurting that person in any way.  I deleted it already so no use looking.  But I mean good grief.  What use is there in putting a mean comment?  The person had no friends.  Just anonymous.

I just came back from Chick- Fil -A where I got a free Spicy Chicken sandwich.  They sent out emails to those of us on their site for a free sandwich and it was a time slot you reserve.  I reserved the 11-1 slot and got there at 1130.  There was a line just for the persons with an email giving them the free sandwich.  I was in and out in no time.  They have chicken sandwiches and biscuits down to a fine art.  You never go away disappointed.  Eat more chikin!

For reasons known only to her, the poor cat has decided that I am taking her to the Vet today.  I can’t get anywhere near her.  She sees me coming and runs pell mell down the hall to under the bed.  She has spent all but an hour or less under the bed.  The hour or less was when I first got up and fed her..then she disappeared and that’s been that.  She did come out after a visitor left that was here this morning but only long enough to see me coming down the hall again before departing for my free sandwich.  Then she took off for under the bed.  NO clue what started all of this.  The Vet is not even in my thoughts.

Today I will try (in between showers and storms) to get a photo of a MALE Ruby Throated Hummingbird at my feeder.  I want to show off that beautiful iridescent red.

Oh this place needs painting (inside) so much.  I can’t do it for various reasons, none of which are laziness, so I am trying to find someone who isn’t charging half of the value of the house to do it. Not finding anyone so far.

Been making my way around to see you.  Leave the door open.