Flo was saying in my last blog in comments, that she kept getting "invites" from young ladies (!!!) and things that she, like me is not interested in.  I get the same things.  Spam abounds on Live Spaces, although to their credit they know that and work hard to stop it.  They can’t monitor everything and I guess we have to just delete the spam and signal to MSN the spam was phishing or spam before we do delete..that marking it as junk, spam or phishing before we delete it tells MSN about the spammer I am guessing. But like Flo, I too get those ludicrous "offers".  And— just like on one of my email accounts away from here at Live Spaces that’s free, the entire collection of spam messages are targeted for men.  They are sure wasting their time with me.  I am very much not a man.

Yesterday, I didn’t mean the cat is sick or that she is immediately going to the Vet.  I was mentioning that her silly behavior was as if she was going..not that we are.  Her Vet visits are an every 2 month ordeal though that must be done.  She doesn’t like it; I don’t like it.  She has hyperthyroidism as I mentioned and her blood levels must be checked and her allergies must be addressed.  Sure ain’t no fun for the little lady. 

Meanwhile I am getting ready to have some fun with the gang I have always worked with.  Some are working, others are not, and everyone shows up when they are off work if they can.  We are so loud & boisterous that the restaurant puts us in a room by ourselves. I have mentioned before that when we get or got off midnight shifts, we were just as loud and boisterous then too if not more so, and when we gathered for breakfast before going to our homes and bed, we ran people out..seriously, they left in droves.  That’s when we got put by ourselves.  Some folks just don’t want to hear it all I guess, at 6 in the morning. 

We’ll not change.