Lisa posted some pictures of her beautiful cat, Paris. Paris and Miss Catt are related in that they are both Torties.  Anyway, there was one photo of Paris up in a tree and Lisa had mentioned that Paris is in full Spring mode..catching some small voles and etc. and bringing them live into the house!  I wrote half a blog in response.  I remember those sort of things well!

Before Miss Catt, there was Robin, mostly black in coat but still, a Tortie who became an indoor/outdoor girl.  She was always in for the night starting at dusk, and in and out during the day IF anyone was at home.  If not, she was inside in the day as well as for example when the kids went to school and I was on days at work.  She was hard to get back inside before we left too.  She learned how to evade us until we hauled out the ultimate weapon..her fishing pole with a line and a denim bow tied at the end.  She couldn’t resist playing with it and  so we scooped her up to bring her inside while she was distracted with that.

Anyway, the half a blog I wrote on her comments section got me to remembering Robin’s habits.

I can’t count the years (she lived till she was 16) that when we heard her tapping on the window at night (remember, she was mainly black) we knowing it was her, would open the deck door to let her in—always being grateful we weren’t going to have to trick her inside.  The joke was on us every time.

It’s amazing how many years it took for us to FINALLY get a flashlight over by the deck door to shine on her face before we let her in when we heard her knock on the window to come in.  Years!  Years of seeing her dart in the just opened door with  one of the following:  a mouse, snake, chipmunk, squirrel, vole, lizard, rabbit, large insect or ground squirrel.  Years of not learning that live animals would inevitably be brought in and dropped at our feet as gifts and her bringing home supper..her contribution…  for that is how she looked at it.  And she was going to  unselfishly give us the biting/killing rights..over herself. 

When we finally got smart…years into this routine, and when we looked first, we’d have to go outside, preventing her from squeezing past our legs, and praise her for her meal makings.  After sufficient praise the prize was delivered to our waiting hands and we’d set it loose.

We all of us screamed like girls and leapt like gazelles to the highest place when mice were deposited.  Once she ran with it to the boy’s bedroom and started up into the upper bunkbed where the middle boy was.  That was NOT an happy occasion, trust me.  I wish you could have seen and heard the commotion. She let it loose into the house..we called him or her "Squeak" and we could never trap the thing! 

Miss Catt is strictly an indoor girl and so no surprises thank goodness.  She never learned to hunt, so on occasion when a field mouse gets in..she plays with it and it just takes over with no worries.  Me..I still leap for high places.