WooHoo!  I have 6 tomatoes growing at last and lots more flowers.  The plant doubled in size seriously, in a week!  And flowers started bustin’ out all over AND my largest little green ‘mater is about the size of my thumb nail in width, the others are match head size ..a few like marbles.  Little green marbles.  So I am guaranteed some sandwiches if the birds and June bugs don’t eat them up. I LOVE going out there and checking on the plants progress.  Been a long time since I grew a tomato. 

I am already starting to gather a few things for the gold mine trip next weekend.  My little tote bag already has the change of undies, a couple of Tee shirts against  a sweaty time in the fields, and night clothes.  My red leather back pack will carry the rest.  That means hair stuff face stuff and such like.  You know me from the five years.  Diva’s R Us.  Of course Victoria is coming.  She made me get her a new lens pen so that she can get her lenses cleaned of little dust particles and so on. 

OH!  I broke from tradition of just clear polish on my wee nails and bought some O.P.I. "Red my Fortune Cookies" shade of glorious red!!!  I painted them last night and with my fake tan (I am paper white remember) it looks good.  Thing is, I’ll have to be concerned with wear at the tips and chips.

Tonight will be a salad  for my supper (those of you who have been here a long time know I hate salad)  and baked chicken in it cut up..and some of that spray on salad dressing.  (I don’t like dressing either.when I am forced by politeness to eat salad I eat it straight with no dressing.  but this time, I will have some vinaigrette.  I reaaaalllly need to lose some weight.

I broke from the Chanel I usually wear (CoCo Mademoiselle) to Kenzoflowers.  Soft and sweet.  No one cares but..it’s my blog. 

This is one of my many gardenias that are blooming and filling the air in front back and sides of the house with heavy perfume.  That is truly dew on the petals (which have no texture…the petals look like that..they aren’t out of focus)  so maybe clicking it will show it in more true color.  I  took the photos this morning.