I was taken to a car show and we got there the worst possible time as far as pictures are concerned.  It was three o’clock in the brilliant sunny afternoon.  92 degrees too I might add but while I threw that in, my main thrust is that the sun was shining on the brightly and highly polished car exteriors making it impossible to get a good picture.  So, I won’t put these in Flickr I don’t think.

Bu if you are interested at all in these blown out over done ones 🙂  here they are.  A few anyway.


I had a great time..and I sweated mightily. The shower looked mighty good early evening.  I am not too sure of the years in hardly any of these unless I actually say here what year..I don’t know.


Here’s a 1950 (I think) Ford.


This is the inside of the ‘50 (I think) Ford.


This is a customized 1934 Ford..I LOVE this thing! And to its right, maybe a 1941??? Ford.