I woke up to 60 degree temps outside..after 92 yesterday what a relief.  No, it wuddun 92degrees in the morning– but that’s how we finished the day yesterday. 

AND the sun was shining right away instead of very overcast all day till about 5PM days we have been having.  So, sun ALL day long..low humidity and no rain! What a fabulous gift of a day.  I got dressed and went straight out to the arboretum and took some flower and insect pics. And, to start the day, I went out onto the deck to hang a white tank top to dry and decided to inspect my tiny crop of tomatoes.  That one plant I have that kept just 2 flowers for the longest has at least 15 flowers and 5 tomatoes on it already. The largest is the size now of a golf ball.
And the size of the plant has increased by close to half in just a week and a half!    There will be a bumper crop if the June Bugs and sweet Hummingbirds don’t get them. The hummingbirds will drill holes in the red tomatoes thinking it’s a flower. I guess it’s boring but it has been a long time since I grew even one tomato plant so I’m thrilled.

So, what’s going on with you all?