Thanks to Enter India, our friend Vijay, here is the sad answer.  One MSN person answered  one the many many MANY inquiries ,and Enter India was kind enough to send me the link.  You have to read down a bit when you get to the link but that one answer to that one person IS there.  They took it away..the stats.

They said something about finding a substitute.  Why do that?  I wish they had left it alone as it served many purposes  besides a count.  It also told of searches..what happened to have been interesting that you blogged  about (via the number of searches) and who the anonymous were..many things.

I was surprised to see via the inquiries that the stats served technical purposes that I could never have known about until I read the emails to the Team.  These inquiries were civil and decent..the way all of the comments to the MSN team should always be..not some mad and cursing diatribe.

OK  Done for now..wanted to share that link.