Well by golly I got two tiny specks of gold!!  Bruce got two specks and Neil got one.  I only bought three of the pans..Bruce bought two and Neil got four pans I think with one speck of gold.  I don’t even think my macro lens would help but when I get home I will try to take its picture.  :-).

It’s hot out there and humid but I have seldom had more fun.  We cheated and had Chick-Fil-A biscuits for breakfast instead of making breakfast and a chili dog for lunch.  Supper at home. 

We went to one of the huge consignment shops here and the son who lives here will be taking delivery today of a beautiful real wood china cabinet for his formal dining room.

I got some fake flowers that look real and a beautiful pitcher.  AND a gold C initial which I will hang somewhere in my house.

Going downstairs to be with them.  See ya later!