I’m baaaaaack…not that many knew I was gone.   Had a great time..lots of fun and I got 2 tiny pieces of gold! If I can get a picture of it, and I don’t think I can..I will.  Talk about tiny! But we all got some tiny gold.  Gosh, I feel like a prospector.

My dear friend Joe deleted his space and went to Blogspot.  I will make a blog there too.  Whomever is over there I hope will be my friend.  I may leave this here for once in a while—dunno yet.

Little Missy Boss of the house was soooo glad when I came in.  Setting the burglar alarm always tells her that’s it on me’n’her for awhile..and she knows the sound of my car so when thought the alarm goes off when I  come home..she is always there to greet me.

I had to change the hummingbird nectar again it is so stinkin’ hot..mid 90’s.  So it was looking sad out there in the feeder.  Even though I watered the tomato plant before I let..it too was looking wilted when I got home.  I have scurried around getting all of that done.

I haven’t been but to 2 Spaces since I went away and I apologise.  It wasn’t my computer and we all have to take turns.

I was amazed at the number of comments for once that my last Flickr post got.  It is probably the best photograph I have ever taken.  I’ll not live up to that again for a long time.  Something for me to shoot for..one that brings comments like that one has. 

OK.  Off for now..I have stuff in the washing machine..mail gone thru..newspapers separated, clothes put up floor swept and more.. OH!  I bought a new spring of fake flowers that look real again.  Remember me talking about them?  Got them at that consignment shop in Charlotte and wait till you see the short pitcher I bought.  Pretty!!

Here is the Mine.  It’s sign that is.  Sweat rolling off all of us and wet hands precluded taking pictures at the trough where we were panning.