That is the Blogspot one to keep Miss Catt company over there on her blog.  But this blog right here on Spaces is still working  tho I am not being allowed to make comments.  Says ‘not available..try again later’.  Major pain.

It is hot as a fire out there and humid as water from a hose.  I had to get a temporary bird feeder…the one with the maple leaves that come down and cover the ports when a squirrel gets on..till the big feeder re-charges. 

Had a cat scan as Rusty put it, every few hours last night.  MY cat scan checked my nostrils, my eyes and ears while I tried to sleep…for any signs of life.  AND she scented me with her cheek scent glands too!  I guess I have been cat scanned and pronounced alive and viable.  This time though I was so sleepy that I easily fell back to sleep after her serious medical attentions.

Sue…your address didn’t work for me.  Joe…I have you.  That’s it for now.  I hope to find out other addresses.

This blog is still here to repeat, for however long while I also post to Blogspot.  Too bad Spaces won’t give a clue with a general comment in everyone’s Profile what they are trying to accomplish and what to look forward to. Or beware of.

I will continue to try to get around  to your my own..not easy..and make comments if it will let me.