What  I’m doing is transporting some blogs from here to Blogspot.  I started with the year 2005.  I won’t do them all, but many.  I’ll do it 2, 3 times a week, 4 or so at a time.  I wanted a chronicle so that there’s something to save on paper for the boys down the road.That’s what that’s all about.  I made the "announcement" on Blogspot and then I started bringing over the blogs.  Doesn’t make for much of an announcement to my intents if I cover it up with four 2005 blogs.    I should have thought first.

I was lucky about those flowers I put the picture in the blog of yesterday.  I found the pitcher and was carrying that around.  I happened on the flowers much later.  They worked out well in combination.

I have been outside for awhile this morning and have been punctured  by mosquito  bites.  I spread hardwood mulch again around the plants and did some scrubbing out there as well.  (pots, feeders, baths) and I need to go out an sprinkle the roses  and tomatoes with Sevin.
How are you guys?  Not a lot of activity I see. I kept going to look to see who updated.  Not too many.