Here it is..Friday.  Hot, sunny, humid and we don’t care.  Soon enough it will be cold and damp again with snow on the way.

We are dry around here.  Almost 6 inches below normal rainfall.  All we get are small showers maybe.  After several years of waaaaay above normal rainfall, looks like we are going back to the too many years before of not enough rain. 

The squirrel flinger feeder is temporarily out of service.  The battery that runs the motor that spins those fur boogers off the ring the birds are supposed to be on while eating, died.  It shouldn’t have, so I called the manufacturer.  They asked for the date that is stamped on the casing..and said to send it back and they would replace it.  So, seven dollars postage later, I have done so and I’m standing by for its return.

Meanwhile, I put out the old copper leaf feeder that has copper leaves that slide down when a squirrel get onto it.  They did indeed slide down but the squirrels laid on the danged thing and tried to pry up the leaves.  They laid their mouths up against the closed port and gnawed and gnawed trying to get seeds.  So, I just politely took the feeder down.  Finally I got a baffle to attach to the pole and that has stopped them so that I can put the feeder up again for the birds.Oh, I can’t wait to get the battery pack back for the good feeder.  We’ll be back to flinging squirrels all over the yard again.

S’all for now.  Here’s the Furry Friday purrson.