Have had a lot to do and a lot of places to go today and work to get done.  I have done as much as possible and I got home after all the severe lightening etc got finished.  So I was out there in it.  But, I’m used to it..no problem as long as I don’t get struck by lightening.

Received the bill for the City taxes on the house..it went up fifty dollars.  The house was appraised for fifteen thousand dollars more than the last appraisal.  No use appealing it..I had it coming as there have been improvements on the house and of course I am being duly punished.  The County taxes will also be that much more.  If not worse.

Miss Catt was glad to see her favorite fan, my oldest here but she was rather reclusive after a round of kisses and pets and makings-over her.  Se stayed in her basket or took naps in out of the way places.  It won’t be long before the dreaded hated visit to the Vet has to happen but she still has a bit before that.

I put more 2005 blogs (not all) on the new blog, again, the purpose is to have a record of them as there are some significant family events in there.  Please bear with me for a month or so over there until I’m done or until Blogspot says I have run out of space. Some may make you smile. 

I’m going to start gathering up things for a project tomorrow.