HOT HOT HOT!  Just like those car commercials back in the days of yore for the Caliente.  At least I think that was the commercial. 

I was typing along and suddenly MSN completely closed me out and I went back to my browser start page.  Huh? So I am retyping everything.

Over in the other blog I told you what greeted me when I went into the kitchen this early morning to make coffee and turned on the light!  EWWWWWWWW!!!  The other blogs addy is in my links section on the left hand side of this page. 

I was supposed to go to a fun meeting with a group tonight for dinner.  We meet once a month but I had to say no this time.  I had planned on going but I am taking a med that required an empty stomach 3 hrs, before you take it or that many hours before.  This will go on for another 20 some days.  Messes up eating out if you have to travel some to do that.  Well, it will be over in a few weeks and I can eat later again.  Then I will go and have a ball just the way I did the last time.

Saturday afternoon after all of the hullabaloo was over for the day I decided I deserved and by gosh would have a Whopper so I headed over to Burger King and got me one with extra onions and ketchup. I LOVE Whoppers.  After those, I love Krystals best. Krystals are a Southern burger..small, square, steamed bun, diced onion, a dill pickle slice and mustard.  Man, my mouth is watering just thinking of them.

I have been around and it seems not that many have blogged.  Hm…