Well, I’ll be switched!  I finally got "the treatment" from Spaces.  I was typing along with an answer to Dianne and when I tried to add it (probably 6 sentences) I was told to trim it, that it was too long , by Spaces.  That is no surprise as others have commented on it.  I’m telling you..limiting the blog space will be next.  That got my goat, made me mad, however you want to express it.  I cut and pasted it and sent it to her in an email for pity sakes.

Missy has been  frequently talking in the night from the hallway,  and that means a trip to the Vet as she must be uncomfortable.  It has been since 29 April since she was there..so it is about time.

I have been out and got a lot accomplished including an oil change back where I used to go, and I marked some other things off the list including a detailing and washing of the car next Tuesday.  Stopped for the second time in my life at the Dollar Store.  I don’t know why they call it that..it’s rare to find anything for a dollar.  I was wasting time waiting on the car wash place to call and tell me if they could fit me in. They can’t.  next Tuesday is the earliest.

The are milling the road out front in preparation of re-paving.  It needs to be done but I always worry about tar on my white car.

Guess I’ll go call the Vet for an appt.  She has seen the crate so she’ll start darting away from me no matter why or where I am walking.  She’ll be afraid I am ready to scoop her up.  I would sure give a lot for me and her not to have to go thru this every time.  It’s horrible.