I live on a steep street going up a hill.  Ask me more about that steepness part when it’s not so beastly hot and I head up the street  at a quick pace on a walk.  Anyway, as I mentioned twice already they are milling and generally tearing up the street (it’s a long LONG one too) getting ready to re-pave.  The trouble with that is the incessant very loud truck traffic that is constant in passing up and down the street.  It rattles the dishes just a little, and they are speeding..not too much.  But the clutch work and brake grabbing besides the engine noise as they pass by constantly is getting on my nerves. 

I went out this morning and bought 5 new tops for summer.  Throwing out old ones to make room.  (not worth donating).  Matter of fact, this is a reminder to go in there and get those ready to pitch.

I had three little pancakes (already made from a box) for lunch and a cup of my cherry tea for dessert.  Delicious. Lots of syrup too.  Nummy.  Why bother if you’re not going to have the best part?

I thought one of my sons would be here from over the mountains Friday but he has changed that to Monday.  Hopefully to stay a week.  I have meatloaf makings in mind since Devon, his son, truly loves my meatloaf recipe. 

I transported over the month of November’s blogs from ’05 to Blogspot.  As I said, I want the means to have them put into paper form by a company, for me so I can have a record of my work.  Can’t do that here as spaces won’t allow third parties. 

It is at a heat index of 100 degrees right now as of noon news, here in my town.  The grass is looking not too well out there.  But we have to pay pretty stout water fees here in town and they make you pay sewer fees too which are actually higher than the water bill.  Therefore, I try not to water. I will if the plants need it but my yard is green from weeds, so nothing lost.

What are you all doing today?