A funny thing happened after I got to the tomato plant yesterday.  There are probably 15 or so tomatoes in varying stages f growth on it and one was yellow I noticed.  So I thought….hm…maybe I bought a yellow tomato!  I went out..barely squeezed it and it was a little bit soft. So, I put my hand under it and something had eaten or bored a nasty hole  good sized in the very bottom of it.  (yes, I do try to keep up with the bugs with a deterrent).

What a horrible disappointment.  I cut it off because there was no use at all in leaving it there.  I brought it in however and cut it open.  That fresh tomato fragrance (I  cut above the rotten line) was heavenly.  But while it would have been fully ripe in about a week I guess..it’s in the trash.  I hope I get a few of the much anticipated tomatoes.  That pot it’s in is an excellent quality one and keeps me from over watering.  I have to dump in 7 qts. of water to the tomato every other day.  That plant is as tall as I am now.  Granted, that ain’t much.

I was waked up at 3 in the morning with a sharp pain on the ball of my foot.  It was in one place only..very small area as though someone had inserted a sharp pointed object!  That  place hurt for 3/4th of an hour.  I had to haul my foot out from under the sheet where the ceiling fan blew some cooler air on it for it to stop paining.  It’s off and on since I got up but not as sharp.  That reminds me of 7 years ago when the same thing happened at the very back of my heel..the Achilles tendon area. 

That’s the Rambling Report for today.  Good grief!