Had to go to an appt. at 0930 this morning after which time I went to WalMart and then home to put up the cold stuff…stay here while Miss Catt fella sleep in front of her Nature TV set..I had to wait till she woke up so I could close and lock the door.  Then, I headed out again on the lookout for a cosmetic. I think that this town is populated by women who have paper white skin same as me.  I say that because it is exceeding difficult to find a foundation in a flaxen fair light light color.  They are many times  sold out of the real light make -ups no matter the brand. That’s a bummer.  So I came home empty handed.

However I did not come home until I took myself by myself to Shoney’s and I had..my sons know what I got without me typing it here..the "Country Fried Steak".  That’s a slab of like fairly good and unfatty burger if you ask me, breaded and fried..white gravy over it with a baked potato and butter on it. I got me a tad of green beans and some corn too from the hot bar.  I couldn’t finish the veggies or the meat and even left some of the potato.  That’s unheard of but..I had come home the first time and ate 2/3’s of a coffee filter size amount of Snyder’s mustard pretzels.  I was starved after the appt and needed something in my belly.  Smart move to go to a restaurant right afterward.  Oh well.  And too, I never mind going to restaurants by myself though I seldom have to. I’ll go to movies, restaurants and they’re lucky to see glorious me, that’s how I look at it.

It was the Dr. office I went to this morning and I took a print of that last butterfly I posted in Flickr..he is on a purple flower and his wings are purple too.  I gave it to the nurse and she loves it.  That was gratifying. 

It’s hotter’n who dunnit here agaon  and I was in a full forehead sweat just getting the groceries in much earlier.  Humid is what I should have said.

My foot is 100% better, thank goodness and thank you for the thoughts.  Seriously, I needed some sympathy or I would never have brought it up.