I just observed an light olive colored small bird..slender in a way at the feeder.  Olive head, face and chest and back.  Wings were like a dark brown, and only the outer third were dark.  Small "standard" beak..in other words not conical, long, scissor, cross, etc. his face, chest head and even the little mantle of the upper back were
all that light olive. The rump under the wing’s tip feathers was
light..white or cream.
  I have gone thru every page of my Stokes bird book and I can’t see any birdie that looks like that!  Anyone??

Tomorrow is the last day the cat can have the house to herself for a week.  She’ll just have to cope.  The boys will be here. 

I’m beginning to wonder if I have one of those mailmen you read about who hoards up all the mail somewhere.  I haven’t gotten mail in 2 days in a row and several times earlier in the week.  That is unheard of.  I get droves of mail every day but Sunday.  This happened last several weeks too.  Once upon a time about 10 years ago, we had one who never left mail at the right house. You would seriously find it dropped in the road, I am not kidding…and when that didn’t happen, he skipped a house— depositing the former house before yours, mail into YOUR box, and repeated that mistake for who only knows how far up the street.   That was an almost every day affair.  The PO got mad when you called to complain.  I was considering going to another town and getting a PO Box but after a year or so, it stopped and he disappeared.  That was a nightmare.  So with this strange dearth of mail..and the several times we have had a real clunker delivering, I have to wonder.

Looks like no one but maybe 3 in the blog family have updated.  Getting mighty lonely here.