Well, I have this one which is sadly neglected, and I have one on MSN Live Spaces..that site is aggravating and no fun any more at all.  Oh, there is the blog family but they are changing the blog spaces to where no one likes it.  So, we’re leaving in droves.  They don’t care as we are not paying customers.  They are providing a free service and since we don’t like what they’re doing, we can lump it.

Then, my cat, the Admiral has a Blogspot blog herself, and I have one on Blogspot too.  And with my Flickr account it may as well be a blog there are so many of us who love photography and landscapes, animals etc so much we all wind up supporting one another.  That’s more writing.

No one knows I am here except my Sis in Michigan.  🙂  so I likely won’t keep it.  Most of all, it’s not as intuitive for me to operate. I guess i should give it a chance.

Peace.  Meow.  Bye.