Well, maybe not cringe real bad but bedbugs are always crunchy and unpleasant I am sure.  Thank goodness I have not had the experience of having them. However, on reading on of my magazines last night, I saw an intriguing web address.  So I just tried it out a few minutes ago.  Those of you who travel, better put this URL in your favorites.  www.bedbugregistry.com   

You have all probably read about the bed bug epidemic even in the best hotels.  They get carried to your own home if you stay in an infested hotel and even if you don’t see them, they are there if there is an infestation..in the seams of the mattress, in cracks in drawers, any place dark and on the floor so for pity sakes keep your luggage off the floor.  All you need is to bring the things home with you and infest your home.

When you check in, do a hunt.  Check those areas I just mentioned and if they’re there, they’ll be reddish brown the size of apple seeds the article said. 

That URL will allow you to fill in any place you want to and see if there has been a report of bedbugs. I’m paranoid enough about places away from home like that, that I carry what was called a "Silk Sack.  Pure silk..and about the size of 3/4th of a double bed. I carry my own pillow with the Silk Sack too.  I don’t want my head on something who only knows was on it first, pillow. And I wear flip flops all the time on a hotel floor.  My widdle pink feets won’t touch that hotel floor. Yup.  I’m paranoid just as I said about germs that aren’t in family or friends homes.    I’m used to those.

OK.  ‘Nuff unpleasantness to ruin the day..so..off to bother someone else.

P.S.  My blog stuff is in German!  How about that?