Talk about great good luck!  Here I was asking anyone and everyone if they knew who I had at the feeder after describing the bird a few days ago.,  I got some good suggestions but..turned out not to be,

Here’s where the great good luck comes in.  I was reading the Sunday paper yesterday afternoon and the weekly bird column featured Summer Tanagers.  There was a picture of the male and female Summer Tanager and how perfect!  I saw my birdie in that picture.  I have a female Summer tanager.  And if you go to this site, and be sure to scroll down you will see the pretty little girl as well as the male.  Both are beautiful in their own ways. Looking at the picture I did a darned good job of describing her to you guys.  I’m proud of my observation skills. 

I haven’t seen her spouse anywhere.  The article said and it’s quite so that they spend their days high up in the trees, and the girls blend in with the leaves very well.  Not the males of course with their brilliant red bodies.  Now, these are not to be confused with Scarlet Tanagers.  Two different kinds of birds.  Summer Tanagers love suet if you have it and the squirrels haven’t gnawed it to a nub and they will drink your hummingbirds’ nectar of they are able to get it out.  (So will House Finches!!) The Summers winter in Central Mexico to Northern South America and the Scarlett tanagers winter in South America. 

I’m thrilled that I have a pair of Summer Tanagers.  I’ll see her hubby too if I keep a close eye out.

Hope you have a day filled with the enjoyment of nature and our animal and bird friends.