Miss Catt is like another lady after the visit to the dreaded v-e-t yesterday.  He gave her half an allergy shot but he also doused her ears (which itch so horribly with her allergy) and she has not said one single thing since!  I have never seen her as comfortable as she is now.  After she got home..she was like a cat I never met.  This stuff soothes the itches inside her poor ears.  No..she has no mites, fleas or anything.  It truly is her allergies.  Poor baby.  It distressed my grandson to hear fer shouting and cussing after I got her into her carrier.  We had to explain that it was for her own good and that she was terribly frightened and anxious.  He took it upon himself to soothe her on the way and while there and it worked.  !!  Not only not a word all night but I woke with no meowing..and it wasn’t until I cracked the lid of the can of Fancy Feast that she even showed herself..still wordless!

They are gone for awhile this mid morning on and don’t know when they’ll be back. 

I want you to know that deep chocolate (and it was as it was made with dark chocolate) cake and the equally dark chocolate icing was to fall over in a faint, for.  And tender..oh my word!!!

All is well so far on the home front here.  You know what I mean, Twin.