Gee whiz…my middle son is sick.  He felt it coming on for a few days but now it’s to the point he had to say do.  He’s off at Urgent Care  Ambulatory Clinic as he lives in Charlotte and no local Dr. of course.  Earache, all assorted  ear tubes and areas associated with that, a headache and so on.  I am awaiting another text with the news as to how he is.  You know how it go in and wait.

Been an absolutely stunning day!  Low humidity..decent sky..glorious.  Not a good day to be sick, but what day IS a good day. 

Just got a text.  he’s finally in back with the Dr.  Whew.  I texted him to ask for sample meds to hold him till he gets the prescription filled.

I know..I’m boring anyway but I guess I hit an all time low here so I’ll log off.