My son had to go to the Urgent Care and get diagnosed and medicine.  He has one for the pain in his ear and down his neck..and one for the sinus infection.  He’s got a rip snortin’ sinus infection.  The medicine made him feel a lot better though.  Matter of a fact, he said his ear doesn’t hurt at all now thanks to the pain med. 

We went to K-Town and picked up the oldest after work at his Company and we all of us went to dinner.  Good I guess!  I am fuller than the proverbial tick, as always. We ate big and well.  Nummy!  Came home and everyone is settling down.  The grandson is on the phone with a new girl he met..a friend of my son’s  from high school days has a young daughter.  They all met up and their kids for a mini reunion.  Those of them that worked after school at a grocery store.  I think 5 showed up.  They had a great time. That was yesterday before he felt so badly.

They will be here till Sunday after lunch.  After a week of the pleasure of their company I will miss them a lot but I will be cleaning up this house while I’m missing them. 

Twin, I am still soldiering on for another 2 weeks.  All is well.