I went out to water the tomatoes and by golly, one is ripe..and not bug eaten or drilled by the hummingbirds.  What riches!!!  I will bring it in here shortly and leave it on the counter for a day or so to make sure.  I have enclosed some pictures for you.  Here’s 5 tomatoes in one cluster.  I think there are roughly 20 to 25 on this plant.


And there are many more infant tomatoes just forming from the flowers.  I am in wonderment about all this as it has been since I was a teen that I have had a tomato plant and so I am just fascinated and love each and every thing about their growing from nothing to flowers to baby tomatoes to full red ripe ones.  What a joy. 

Just look at those little guys.  I am thrilled!!! I have planted this tomato plant, watered it, fed it, came out to admire it every day—bragged about it to anyone who would hold still to listen and look!  See?


Here is my next one!  I feel like a proud mama!