I have some book learnin’ yes,  but not a super abundance of common sense always.  So I will appeal to anyone with common sense or better still– experience with car covers.

I finally bought a car cover that I got for half price down from it’s $99.99 original price.  It’s silky feeling, and it has a loop to hook into the trunk latch so that it will be anchored and make it a bit easier for one person, namely me, to get the car covered.

I used up my common sense when I found the only way I could get it to stay for me while I drew it up and over the rest of the car was to lay a little lawn chair..one of those canvas ones, in  its cover, over the closed trunk.  That indeed holds it still so I can unfurl the rest and git ‘er done.

Here is my question:  Can I leave it on during rain storms?  Or do I have to run out there assuming it’s daylight and I’m conscious, to rip it off?  In other words..will the wet cover hurt the finish of the car?  It’s not like it would be on there more than the night or part of the day.  What do you think?  "Inquiring Minds" want to know.