Thanks to Seth and then others I learned about the car cover which I truly appreciated as I wasn’t kidding..I didn’t have a clue.  I no longer have the box it came in so I don’t know how waterproof it is, or even if it is.  But I can go out there with some water and find out. 

It IS a pain in the neck to go thru trying to get the thing ON the car though as I am one person and you really do need a helping hand.  I mentioned I think that I lay a canvas enclosed lawn chair across the trunk to anchor the thing as I am trying to maneuver it up and over the car.  And when it is boiling hot out there, messing with the cover for minutes under the blazing sun is not a joy..not even a little bit.  However, they are still tearing up the street and the dirt and grit in the air is huge.  I rinsed off the outside window sills yesterday as they were black with the dust from the milling of the road.  It sure hadn’t helped my car either with the street sweeper racing past (not kidding there) at the end of the construction and throwing up broken asphalt and the attending dust from the grinding process. 

I took the car in and got it detailed a few weeks ago and started using the cover.  I found I have to be careful taking it that it can be folded right side up, in quarters and rolled up in the direction of the back of the car (when I have it off and on the ground) That makes it easier to unroll and be lined up with the car, making it easier..a little.  BUT it beats a filthy car and I have saved the car from some bird bombs too. 

I am waiting on the pest control guy and then, I’m off to town.  Who knows what I’ll do once I get there.  It could be scary to the townspeople.