So, how do you know when you’re having a great hair and everything else day?  Every man you meet smiles, nods and says hello.  I’ll take that.  It made me smile too and a smile is always a nice thing to wear.  I did something a little different with my hair though and instead of bangs straight down as usual, I swept them to the side.  Freshly shampooed hair that curves nice and full– and so I had the only good hair day so far, this year.  I was wearing black and white..always a good combo for me.  So, woo hoo for me. 

The cover is off the car for about 2 hours.  I hope I don’t regret it.  I knew I was going to Knoxville in a few hours so I spared myself sweating and working to get the cover back on just to have to take it off again shortly thereafter. If I hear the City trucks and they’re fixing to work on the road right here agaon, I will run out and cover it again.


I bought the new peanut butter Moonpie and I want you to know…it was awesome.  Oh my word…that was so delicious!!!  Go gitcha some now. They are worth the couple of bucks.

Other than that, nothing to say except as mentioned on FB, my son will be here this Friday evening and Saturday.  Me’n’her always look forward to that.  Thing is, she seems to be around the rooms and in the hallway at night blowing her meow horn a lot.  She just was at the V-e-t’s so no idea what’s causing all of that commotion.  I know if she had her way she’d be snoozing, so something’s amiss.  If it goes on another week, I will steel myself for the second trip in 2 weeks. for whatever good that will do.  

Next tomato will be ready for picking in about 3 days.  Can’t wait.  Nummy.