I just posted a photo of Miss Catt and she is so pretty.  I love Torties and I certainly love her.  Thank goodness she was "got’cha’d" one day in the parking lot of a grocery store.  Winn Dixie.  She is a Dixie Peach girly girl.  Such a little love and a senior baby girl now.

I ported over another months worth of old blogs.  Have the first year and a half done now.  I wait a few days in between usually but if no one comes to read my new blog then I just start porting over them again.  No use wasting the time, right?

I have lost a tad of weight but that is because I don’t eat after supper any more.  Amazing what happens if you keep your tummy relatively empty.  Also, I feel more comfortable lying down for sleep with nothin’ in there.

It has rained 3 inches of rain taking our deficit to 5 1/2 inches instead of 8 1/2.  The weeds and little bit of grass I have are growing again.  I picked and ate the 4th tomato by the way.  No more red ones so I will have to wait.  That thing has so many baby tomatoes on it I am shocked.  I didn’t know it could support so many!

Took my shower, put on my  fake tan lotion.  Jergens,  and ready to turn faintly tanned by morning.  Not a lot you can do with paper white skin.

See you tomorrow.