Got to laughing quite a bit on hearing from our New Zealand friend, which is a great way to end your day.  Our New Zealand friend  reminded us of the different ways  that English culture (that includes NZ) and we in the States hold our eating utensils.  When my sons all went over there to Auckland in New Zealand last year they were hosted by our friend and his family.  Consequently they were fed at our friends home on some occasions and on the phone, just before our NZ friend came here to see us..he said how he will be watching our table manners and to see how we handle our silverware here in my home…because when they were there, they, my sons, held their fork with the tines pointed UP..not down, the way they do there and in England. 

Then, he cracked me UP..I still crack up every time I remember his description of my sons there at his table with their piece of meat on the plate.  He said they took up their forks, held it firmly in their fists and,stabbed the meat soundly.  THUNK! with the fork tines and after having killed the piece of meat, they commenced to sawing at it with their knives.  I wish you could have been here to HEAR him and see his gestures.  OH it was funny!  So we of course made ample fun of his handling of cutlery here at our table.  We all of us, both Countries made the most of our opportunities to tease.  He is like a member of the family.  Same age as my sons.  And I love his sense of humor.  He’s just like us.

Well, me and her will be headed in to read in a few minutes.  Hope you have a good night and restful sleep.  We intend to till 0615 or so when she sounds reveille. 😦