I have found two excellent places the next town over.  I know I spoke of the one while the boys were here for the 4th of July.  That place we happened onto for lunch that day is a sandwich shop mostly and I had sung paeans of praise for their chicken salad sandwich you may recall a few blogs back that was so packed with fantastic additions that I thought I had found Nirvana!  Well, there is a restaurant in that same town that I have also spoken of.  Purely Southern cooking..not stuff out of cans and OH!  so good I almost can’t stand it. 

I am going again in a few hours and even though it will stay with me all night long..it’s too good to resist.  That’s the place with the coconut custard pie I wrote about with the serving they give you  the size of just over 2 "normal" pieces of pie.  The custard was heaped up truly 3 inches and the meringue was about 5 inches tall, I am not kidding.  Oh my word ,was that just fallin’ down fantastically good.  I almost needed an ambulance to get out of there I was so horribly stuffed.  The next time, I did not have dessert and I took home some of the dinner.  The servings are enough to feed 2 people.  I stupidly ate it all because their cooking is so good, I couldn’t help myself.  I am going to be a good responsible person today and not eat it all.  Right.

See you later if I’m not in the hospital.