I have been fortunate enough to get a trustworthy handyman recommended to me so I have gotten a few small things done that needed doing.  I already wrote about the weather stripping and tacking the speaker wires to the wall.  Today he came to raise the sweep that was on the front door making it difficult to open the door because of the thick carpet.  And installed a toilet paper rack. I could have but I knew he was going to be here so…

On July 26th I think it is, he’ll be here to paint the kitchen.  I bought the paint so I’m ready and he’ll install a carbon monoxide detector.  I finally bought one.  As I have gas heat, it is well beyond about time.  The rest of the inside of the house will be painted as well, but not all at once. It’s been since 2004.  He has a job so I get fitted in.

Nothing great guns going on.  I picked 3 tomatoes to give to a friend this morning.  She’ll be over to get them after lunch.  They just all ripened at once.  She was here yesterday and we thought they needed a few more days but no, they didn’t.  I have 3 more about to ripen completely. 

I noticed that Miss Catt has a visitor on her blog by the name of Poppy and she is a gray blue British Short Hair.  She is amazingly beautifully plump and full with plush fur and she looks like a teddy bear.  The mom of Poppy feels that it is difficult to get a British Shorthair outside of  England.  What a shame because they are just THE cat’s meow.  Not that Miss Catt isn’t stunningly beautiful as a Tortie..she is.  But the British Shorthair is ooo laa laaaa!

Anyhoo…I will see who has updated.