Still getting those un-asked for credit card offers?  Worried, as I am, that while you are gone, working, vacationing, whatever, that those offers will and can be stolen from your outside mailbox?  You should be.  It’s a great way to have your identity stolen and be in for several years and many thousands of dollars trying to get your credit rating and life back after it has been stolen in just this way.

I called 5 years ago to opt out of those unwanted un-asked for offers that filled my mailbox.  It worked.  Thing is, you have to repeat the opt out every five years.  They are starting to come in the mail again so in the morning I will call and opt out for another five years.

To help you as well, here is the number:  1-888-567-8688

OR Go to

If you change your mind and want that flow of mail from credit card companies, keep this number above or web site and go back and opt in.  East as that and no  affect on your credit cards.