I went through the dryer saga with a repairman..detail are on the BlogSpot blog and after that was over and a phone call..I headed off to Wally’s to get two items.  Got through the line and was headed to my car.  I had just activated the door lock when I heard strange..that means weird..howling and off key singing.  The person doing that was finally within my range of vision and I saw it was a man probably in his mid toward late 30’s.  Very well built, covered in tattoos, and to be fair I have to say he was handsome.  Just wearing a vest over his bare torso, but fully dressed otherwise.

He started dancing, whooping, yowling and yelling…with a LOT of Saturday Night Fever dance steps accompanied by loud hoots and screams.He had more or less stopped by a beat up old vehicle..wrenched open the door..started gyrating and screaming and gesticulating again.  I sat in the car watching him.  Another man (customer) walked toward his car which was parked right next to whacked totally Mr. Out of My Mind and he stopped by my car and stood there watching.  The guy continued his St. Vitus-like dance, screaming and shouting but finally after three (I counted) failed attempts to get in his vehicle, he did.  Took him a minutes to start it while he continued to scream but he did, and left the parking place still screaming and driving about 3, maybe 4 mph until we didn’t see him any more.  That took quite a while as he would go maybe 3 feet, brake hard and repeat that until out of sight. 

Nope, I don’t think the explanation is happiness.  I think he was out of his gourd.