Let me tell you..I sweated for the pictures today. I applied sun screen and OFF!
before I headed out. I considered going to buy a flea and tick collar
and buckling it on but I passed on the idea..just this time., It was 85 degrees at
0945. The humidity was awful. I had a bandanna tied around my forehead
and I sweat so much I looked like I was crying. When I got home, I had
to change clothes completely from the skin out. AND dry the back of my
hair by my neck line(it’s mid back length).

But the flutterbye’s and bees and wildflowers were so glad to see me
after a month’s absence. You shoulda heard them when I walked up. I rolled around on the weeds with the chiggers and ticks and others and clicked away, flinging off sweat.  I was truly drenched when I got home.  Hey, it’s a humid job but worth it.

That’s what made it all worth while..their shouting and clapping their leaves and petals.  The butterflies waved at me too.  It was good to be back among them after over a month’s absence. 

The human volunteers  who work in the arboretum were all there..maybe half a dozen, and they were cleaning out the beds of wild flowers.  Many flowers were done for the season, as for example the Cone flowers and the Speedwell, the Coreopsis died back and the butterfly bushes were raggedy.  I got a chance to chat a little with the volunteers as I made my way through the bushes and beds however, and that was nice.  They commented on my kneeling pad for my bony knees when I kneel.  They each had one too.

I was anxious to see what I may have gotten right so I wanted to put the memory stick into the computer right away after I got home but I had to bathe, dry my hair with the dryer (no shampoo till tonight) and change  clothing completely..inside out before I could get to the computer.  That was a first in discomfort.

Meanwhile I haven’t done a lot more.  Just too awful out to inspire me much.  Better than an ice storm though.  🙂  That’s 4, 5 months away.

Looks like no one much has blogged.  That’s sad.