I was featured (one of MANY!) on Flickr’s
Explore.  That was a huge shock as the photo they chose to feature
isn’t my favorite.  But nonetheless, they did and I am truly honored to
have one of mine make it along with those fabulous others.

We had a thunderstorm to beat all thunderstorms yesterday afternoon. 
There was a lightening strike across the street.  Lights went out but
came back up.,  But I unplugged what I could against a brown out.  Years
ago, a brownout cooked my computer. 

I finished that big waisted tomato and working on two more of a lesser size. I will have red tinged skin if this keeps up.

I’ll let you know when and why in a day or so but I will be gone for a
short time away from the house.  Maybe in 2 days.  I’ll say later.  I
don’t want you to wonder if I just suddenly decided I wasn’t going to
comment..it’ll be because I can’t.