That was a long long trip.  But worth every inch of the way, both ways. We left here Friday morning at 7 and arrived Friday night at almost 1830. Same on the way back early Saturday morning and home about 7ish.  Eleven hours  and some minutes each way. 

Man, what absolutely perfect weather though.  No more than 86 degrees, low humidity..perfect blue sky and large creamy clouds.  Here…rain, extreme heat and high humidity still in place.  My tomato bush looks very tired.  I have maybe 10 tennis ball sized tomatoes on it but I believe the plant may have a blight now.  However I must admit that I may be coming closer to being tomatoed out!  Those I have here from my plant and those that have been given to me.  Plenty of ‘maters!

There was an entire baseball team housed for the night right on my floor at the hotel I stayed at the 2 nights we were staying.  Fabulous hotel. I am going to write them a good review.  I can’t say enough good about it.  The team was extraordinarily loud and they kept it up all night..yes they did.  No exaggeration.  The ones right next door to me were the ones I got the most grief from.  They weren’t being malicious.  They simply have no idea of manners or decorum or how to be civil in a public place.  For real, I had to leave at 0630 Saturday morning with 3 hours broken sleep. boy let me drive in the early part of the trip as I was more able then.  He got the bulk of it though.

Miss Catt was so glad to see me.  I got her a pet sitter after all as she wasn’t going to miss her meds too terribly long after all..just an extra day.  Better than being boarded.  I was so exhausted I went to bed, her with me, and we snuggled and fell asleep immediately.  She checked my eyes, ears and mouth often in the night to be sure I was "in there" and practically sang with her purring she was so glad not to be alone.  However she STILL has to go for her check up at the v-e-t and right now I may be able to trick her into the carrier easier.


This is the Lambertville NJ/New Hope PA bridge…4 ton limit from the NJ side over the Delaware River.  Daddy and my brother too fished there.