I’m going out with all my rowdy friends again today!  I could use some company to chase away this past weekend for awhile.  So, I’m looking forward to it.

I mentioned in Face Book that I went out to change the water in the birdbath and got 8, count ’em, 8 mosquito bites in that couple of minutes.  I wonder what it takes to get me to change clothes and put on long pants and long sleeved shirts?  Apparently more than 8 mosquito bites because I persist on walking out  there wearing shorts and tank top.  Of course they gnaw on me.  Carole, get a CLUE!

The middle son is at Destin on the beach in FL. for a few more days. They drove down.  He said the heat and humidity is suffocating BUT the ocean is a gorgeous azure blue and the water is a perfect temperature.  I lived in Central FL for a long time and I remember that heat and humidity very well..believe me.

I thought I would stop in for a minute here and see what you all are doing today..  Here is a picture of the monument at Washington’s Crossing near  New Hope PA. He really did cross the Delaware River there and it’s very close to the battle of Trenton..just a couple of miles away.