Remember all my excitement about my tomato plant? It grew and grew
upward to over 5 feet tall. It made many tomatoes and had about 2 dozen
green ones on it when the tragedy happened.

Here I will ask your
knowledge so this which I am about to tell, might not happen again.
About three weeks ago, the plant began to seem to die off in the
center/inner parts. Yellowy brown coloration on some of the leaves. My
brother passed away a week ago this Monday as you may recall. I
watered the tomato well before we left to take that long trip. I came
back and some of the branches appeared somewhat whithered but most of
all, they were drooping a lot and quite a number of leaves were
discolored. All of the 2 dozen or so green tomatoes of varying sizes
were OK. I left to go to the City yesterday with a friend and returned 4
hours later to find the plant on its side on the deck. It looked so
bad I just cut it down. I salvaged one red tomato.What happened???
Three weeks ago it was healthy and hale. How can I prevent that again
next year do you think?

Breathlessly yours in anticipation,