There are times when I wish someone else was here to help me.  It is so extraordinarily difficult to get the cat to the Vet.  One must try to trick her..lie in wait..keep her from knowing (yeah, riiiiight!!) that she has to go in again.  She and I have to constantly go thru this every month since she was diagnosed two years ago.   I can medicate her alright but she needs blood tests every quarter to see that her levels are right, but the worse thing of all is the horrible intense itching she goes thru because of whatever it is she’s allergic to.  They can’t do allergy tests as with humans, on cats.  So he treats her with a medicine that can be deadly.  In other animals it would increase their itching and misery or kill the,.  In cats, it’s alright to give BUT he, the Vet, is loathe to give her but half a shot and only when she is in extreme misery as it could reverse itself and cause her demise.  So, she suffers with extreme misery most of the time except for maybe 3 weeks after a shot and *I* suffer because she is.  It’s a lose-lose.

She is at my feet right now, her sweet self, and snoring.  I love hearing her snore.

Just checking in, guys…