Today is the day for the Vet IF the cat comes out from under the bed in time for me to attempt to sneak up on her and scoop her up amid howling and groaning.  SIGH.  Man, I hate this even more than she does.  It takes a toll on both is us on Vet days.  More than once I have had to cancel an appt. day by day till I catch her off guard enough to scoop her up and stuff her into the carrier. Gees Marie!

Yesterday she enjoyed the new premium of premium sheets…As I was settling the sheets onto the bed, they floated down  like silk in the air they are so light.  She hopped on after just the bottom sheet was on early morning and I had to wait till after church to get her off with the bribe (and needed) promise of brushing.  THEN I was allowed to finish making the bed.  Then, she got back on.  That girl loves her comfort.  When the deep red fleece blanket comes out in late Fall..oh, talk about solidly attached to the bed.  TRY to make the bed with her in and on it. (I like that though and bought her her own blankie which I put on top of mine).

Meanwhile, my nervousness about catching that little difficult thing is building so she’ll pick up on that and look at her watch and say " Today is THE day to go to the Vet, Not on MY watch!" (no pun intended).