I am as shiny as a newly minted coin and all of my symptoms from my allergies are gone.  Thank you for catching me, Mom.
Admiral Hestorb aka Miss Catt 
Boy, they don’t make folks who offer services the way they used to.  I called someone who advertised in the paper that they washed houses…and my house really needs that service.  He called me back in a timely manner  (I had to leave a message of course) and then came out to look at the house while I was gone to a late afternoon/evening hair appointment..  Despite my having told him my cell number and that I would be gone when he got here and to please call me with the estimate, he left a message which I didn’t get till after 8 last evening saying he tried to call (duh, you dummy!) and should he call again- or put the estimate in the mail? 

 I had already requested he tell me in a message since I wouldn’t be here OR he could throw a piece of paper in the mail box.  So, since he chose to forget THAT..I called him again.. and I had to leave a message as he chose not to answer the phone, and I asked if he would call me and tell me (as I was obviously home).  Nope.  Not gonna happen.  So, I called again today and requested a call..nope.  Nor a visit.  I take it he resents a "pushy female" daring to question his stupidity. So back to square one.  No one else in the paper so I will have to rely on friends ro recommend someone who isn’t bone numbingly dumb.  Are there any men out there not afraid of a woman who can think and make reasonable requests?  No wonder I chose not to marry again..one can’t be found.  Hey, a rant.  Been awhile.  Good for me.