OK.  I am over my rant and grouchiness.  I’m never grouchy so obviously if I got grouchy over that which I mentioned yesterday then I’m not remembering and being grateful for all that I have, my blessings.

  Horst, I hope you saw my response to you which was:  "Don’t confuse me with the facts".  I had me a good grounch going on, after all.

Bruce will be here about 1500 and I have all the ingredients for the tacos  for their supper now.  I had forgotten the sour cream and the shredded cheese.  Do you know store bought tomatoes are $1.99, may as well say $2.00 a pound?  Good thing my plant made me so many while it could.  I saved at least $30.00.

Me and Victoria went out again this morning looking for flowers.  We are holding back a few flowers for later in the year when it’s cold, bleak and wet/snowy. 

Miss Catt said to pass on that she feels fit and fabulous- and her coat became as gleaming as a new coin just hours after she got home from the dreaded v-e-t office.  It was looking dull and as unhappy as her skin was, and then, the shot that alleviated her symptoms and made her feel like life was worth living again without being in a miserable not-ending itching state. She’s a calender girl for sure. 

Not many of the blog family have blogged.  Anyone know or read any reason yet for Spaces forcing us into very short replies?