It‘s been a long time for me to get back here.  I had all that drama in the beginning of the week with Miss Catt and finally getting her to her Vet.  Then, my son and grandson arrived and just left today so after cleaning up around here and steeling myself to clean the bathroom again, I dropped by the computer for a few minutes. 

The only one on the household to post was Miss Catt.  Hers was more entertaining and important than mine she said, so she kept control most of the time when she wasn’t protesting the closed doors in the house at night.  She has declared than NO door shall be closed at all for any reason except the house entry ways, without her express permission.  Her permission was not sought in a timely manner, hence..we all paid for the closed doors with her protestations voiced from 3 in the morning onward.  Next time we’ll say "may I"?

I hea sneering and snickering..the dreaded s’s coming from the bathroom because it knows I hate to have to clean the tub and surround again after two days.  You get a teen in there with lotions, gels, body wash, etc..and it needs to be scraped out now. 

There goes the dryer too..see you in a bit.